Pionero is a boutique strategic advisory and risk consultancy firm, providing specialist services to corporate and non-government clients. We focus on the regions of Latin America and West Africa.

The company was formed as a response to two new realities shaping the global business culture of the 21st century. First: the rapid growth of emerging markets against a backdrop of economic stagnation in more mature economies. This has created new sources of liquidity and increased appetite for deals that look further afield in search of returns. But barriers – of language, culture, geography, bureaucracy, understanding – are often high.

The second is the increasing influence of politics in economic decision-making. From the Jasmine Revolution to European sovereign debt, from natural disasters to currency wars, geopolitical risk is now firmly back on the global agenda. If its causes and motivations are understood better, and appropriate mitigation strategies executed, then business opportunities can be created and managed effectively.